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March 31, 2015

I’m in the mood to ramble a little – so why not pour yourself a cup of joe and have some coffee with me!

… Spring break is off to a good start. Break is always hit or miss in Illinois at the end of March since the weather is never predictable. Thankfully we have a good week of weather (I keep typing “eather”?) ahead of us. Yesterday was a beautiful day, and the rest of the week is supposed to be equally as nice. We are keeping ourselves busy too. We had a play date yesterday, which is always a lot of fun – there were six kids in my little living room, and I loved every second of it. Apparently the girls did too because they both hit their beds hard come nap time and slept for three hours. That’s always a bonus!

…. Today the girls are heading to Nana’s for the day to play with gal pal Aubrey. They have been separated for almost two weeks because she has been on vacation, so I know they’ll have a blast. As for me, I’ll be getting as much work done as possible in their room because it’s a disaster zone. Clothes are being boxed up and put into storage, and I’m gong through my closets as well to get rid of some clothes. Oh, and did I mention all of our closets are in need of some good organizing? I’m surprised my husband hasn’t left me yet because of the state of our front hall closet. 😉

…. I have been loving watching the girls interact lately. Emerson has always been a lover, and she loves Brooklyn with all of her heart. However, it hasn’t been until lately that Brooklyn has taken an interest in Emerson. Now they’ll play and laugh together all day long, and I love getting to watch every second of it. Emerson also knows how to work it though – while she’s quite a lover, she’s also quite a fighter as well. She has learned that after she takes what she wants from her sister, she’s supposed to give her a hug/kiss to “make it better”. But that doesn’t mean that she is doing what she’s supposed to. 😉 Too funny.

… I’ve noticed how when I’m not working how much less organized and motivated I am to do anything blog related. I can’t say why – although I know I’m much more exhausted at the end of the day after being at home than being at work! So, if it’s a little quieter around these parts this week, you’ll know why!

… I have become obsessed with the show “Married at First Sight”. Has anyone else seen that show? The new season came out a few weeks ago, but I have been binge watching the first season. It’s an interesting experiment!

… That’s all for now folks – have a great Tuesday!

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