fun facts friday (3/27)

March 27, 2015

1. I have been trying to play catch up from my weekend trip all week! It was definitely worth it, but my suitcase is still not unpacked, and we have been living day to day as far as meal planning has gone. I can’t wait to get all caught up over the weekend!

2. TGIF! And I really mean that this week because it’s spring break next week! I’m so excited to spend an entire week with my baby dolls. I have some big plans for some organizing and purging. It’s been on my mind for weeks.

3. I have to say, I’m glad we didn’t have spring break this week. The weather has been horrible and cold! Next week is supposed to be a little more like spring. Hopefully we can spend a little time outside. Although, as I type this – it’s snowing this morning. What. The. Heck.

4. It’s looking like the girls will have a new cousin by next Wednesday sometime! My cousin is being induced on Wednesday – I can’t wait to meet the little guy… and to find out if what I think his name is ACTUALLY his name. 😉

5. Somehow there are only 8.5 weeks of school left until summer break. I have no idea where this year went – wasn’t it just August like last week?

6. One blog that I ALWAYS look forward to lately is Mommy’s Me Time. Amber always writes relatable posts about her life as a stay at home mommy to 4 under 4 (two of which are twin girls!). She’s funny, full of life, and everything she writes I nod my head in agreement to. Another blog I love right now? Little Miss Poof. Ali may be new, but she is an excellent writer and has so many great ideas. I always look forward to her posts about motherhood!

7. I’ll highlight it in a little more depth in a post sometime next week, but you guys – essential oils. After I had Jenn guest post a few weeks ago, some of you requested some tangible ideas on how to use oils with your toddlers.

Guys, I may not have shared toooo much lately, but sleep in our house has been a nightmare. Emerson has had a rough couple of months sleep wise, and in turn so have I. Well, after diffusing oils for two nights, I am a believer – BIG TIME. Emerson has slept through the night for two (make that THREE!) consecutive nights for the first time in months. It has been absolutely amazing. Nothing else has changed except for using these oils in their room. So so crazy.

8. Today is our annual “Read at the Beach” day at school in 5th grade. That means the kids get to bring in beach towels, we turn our room into an oasis, and we lay on the floor and read all day. Oh, and we eat fruit salad. Seriously – it’s the best.

9. It’s the weekend! Happy Friday everyone!

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