fun facts friday

January 27, 2012

1. Right now I’m reading this book. It is a crazy entwined love story that travels back and forth in time to WWII Prague. I’m in love.


2. Never ever try to convince your meat lovin’ husband that turkey burgers made with flax are “real burgers”. I think I got the stink eye for like four days. That’ll teach him for not celebrating my half birthday.

3. I nixed the apple cider vinegar and coconut oil for my nighttime routine on my face that I talked about last week. Seriously, nothing is loving my face lately. I’m a hot mess — and by hot mess, I mean I’m a mess because my face is breaking out like craaaazzzyyyyyy. For the first week, my skin totally loved it. Then this week, it broke out like an 11 year old’s. I don’t know what to do. Ugh.

4. Just so you know, I just typed out this entire post and then my computer died. Now I have to remember everything I wrote. I am so not amused.

5. Have you entered my Chobani giveaway yet? You can win all three new flavors. As an update, I just tried Blood Orange yesterday. Oh my gosh, so good — I can’t wait to try Passion Fruit today at lunch!

6. A bunch of you asked me yesterday if I make my own gluten free bread. Most of the time, yes. When I make sandwich bread, I use this recipe (with flax eggs). The bread that was in my Spinach and Artichoke White Bean Chili recipe photos yesterday was Oatmeal Scones made from Jenna’s recipe using gluten free flour. So good!

7. I reeeallly want to go to the Lululemon Warehouse Sale today after school, but I heard it will have 4+ hour long waits. Uh, I don’t think getting home at like 8 tonight will be so good for the pup. I really want to go though, so I’m looking forward to waiting in line with people and fighting over a pair of wunder unders on Saturday. Namaste.

8. I got some really cute new slippers in the mail this week! I won a giveaway on Lindsay’s blog about a month ago for some house slippers made by her talented friend Susanna. She has her own Etsy shop and I am in love — purple corduroy!!!!

January 26, 2012 011

9. I read an article yesterday discussing how Pat Sajak and Vanna White used to get drunk before taping Wheel of Fortune — that just cracks me up.

10. Speaking of articles, I found a good one the other day that talks about the difference between cardio and strength training calories — it was really interesting!

11. On Tuesday night, Brittany had a dream about me. Wednesday night, I had a dream we both had babies. Mine looked like her, and hers looked like me. I don’t even know what that’s about, but I vividly remember freaking out because I couldn’t remember my “top” name, so I had to look through an app on my phone to figure it out.

12. Happy Friday everyone! I hope your weekends are filled with pancakes, snuggles, and Starbuck’s!

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