my very first camping experience

October 23, 2012

Admit it — you were out scouring Indiana for me for the last 24 hours in fear that I got eaten by a bear. I did not get eaten, and I also survived my first camping trip! I was insanely proud of myself, and I can’t lie — I even enjoyed it!

Being the high maintenance person that I am, I decided I could only take 24 hours of camping my first go around. Okay, I retract that last statement. I don’t think there is anything wrong with liking a warm bed, a full bathroom, and access to all the food in your kitchen at all times. Not high maintenance.

Everyone else in our group, however, showed up late Friday night to get settled in. The Husband left early Friday morning with Charlie because he had a new toy to pick up in Tennessee (a 4-wheeler), so I drove down by myself on Saturday morning.

From what I can tell though, the shenanigans started once everyone arrived. From the looks of things, my sister in law got a little cross eyed from drinking too much, everyone enjoyed being hygienic, and I have no idea about the feet other than the fact that the Husband probably freaked out because he hates feet so much. That’s all I can give you on those interesting pictures.


The drive down on Saturday was wonderful — I had a Starbuck’s iced coffee (a little treat!), some music, and a very clear road. By the time I arrived, everyone was getting out of bed and making breakfast and hanging out. Once everyone was done eating, we cleaned up and headed out to Shades State Park for a little hiking adventure.

One thing you must understand about my family is that they don’t follow the rules… like ever. Coming from a family of rule followers, this has expanded my horizon to a whole new world. We went onto the “easy” trails, but of course we all veered off course and ended up spending three to four hours climbing hills, trying not to step in puddles, and getting extremely dirty in the process.

I think this next picture sums it all up…


We did stop to try and take a few group pictures. Unfortunately, Charlie didn’t get the memo. He was too busy trying to look for squirrels in the trees.


Once we got back from hiking, it was already around 5 PM and we were starving. Instead of waiting any longer, the boys got the fire going again, Lani got the chili going, and we all sat around the campfire for hours.

And because s’mores weren’t enough, we made sure to roast some s’mores cookies. What I would have given for a gluten free one!

Everyone hit the hay kind of early on Saturday night from such a long day, and I am so happy that the Husband’s aunt and uncle let me crash in their camper. I had a nice warm bunk and got a great night’s sleep because of it.

I even told the Husband if he dropped thousands of dollars on a camper I would be willing to do it again. Talk about sacrifice, people.


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