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November 16, 2012

1. Big hugs go out to both Lindsay and Tina, who have had incredibly rough weeks. I love you both!


2. Love Grown is holding a Gratitude Giveaway on Pinterest right now! Check it out! And while we’re at it, why don’t I give another hint about their new product that is coming out in two weeks! Here’s part of the new packaging!

Pinned Image


The new product is going to be REVEALED on November 30th at 12 PM MST on Instagram and Pinterest. You better start following them now if you’re not already. I’m PSYCHED.

3. I stayed home sick yesterday (blech.), and I have to say, I’m a horrible sick person. I managed to stay on the couch until about 2 PM, and then after that I walked Charlie, did all the dishes, and tidied up the house before dinner. I guess I just really needed those couple extra hours of sleep to feel better!

4. I’ve got a special visitor coming this weekend! I’m so excited to spend some time with Lauren! We’re going out to brunch tomorrow morning, and then we’re going to explore the city. Woohoo!

5. My mom and I are going to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 tonight. I’m so excited! (Don’t make fun)

6. I’m SOOOOO excited for Thanksgiving next week. Seriously – after I get through Parent/Teacher Conferences Monday and Tuesday, I’m all about getting ready for Thanksgiving. I’m thinking about making the Husband these for his Thanksgiving breakfast.

cinnamon roll waffles!!


7. Speaking of Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving means Christmas decorating!!! (I’ve already listened to a Christmas CD though – don’t judge me.)

November 25, 2011 006
8. Have I mentioned my newest niece is arriving on Monday? My brother in law and his wife are going to be welcoming a baby girl! I’m so excited to hear what they are going to be naming her. I wish they didn’t live so far away and that we could visit sometime soon.

9. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend – enjoy it! :)

PS – How many times could I have said “I’m so excited” in this post? Sheesh!

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