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Sorry I’m Not Sorry

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I think as a society, we women have it all wrong.

Hear me out.

Every day I hear negative words and phrases attached to women and they way they feel about themselves.

“I shouldn’t eat this.”

“I feel bad because I didn’t get to the gym today.”

“If only I could fit into size xx, then I would feel better about myself.”

Or the infamous…

“I bought this dress but it’s two sizes too small, and I’m going to diet until I am able to fit into it.”

Instead of those phrases, maybe we should be thinking the following:

“I want to eat this, so I’m not going to deprive myself of it.”

“I made it to the gym 3 times this week — that’s pretty darn good!”

“I’m going to love myself no matter what size I wear — because in reality, it doesn’t matter in the end.”

“I’m going to buy the size that fits me because I love my body the way it is.”

Now, I would be lying if I told you I never fit into the first category. Every day I struggle with something, and body image is definitely one of them. However, over the past few years, I have come to love and accept my body for what it is. There are so many messages sent to girls and women alike, starting very early and continuing throughout their lives. Messages that if only they were prettier, if only they were skinnier, if only they looked like the celebrity on TV — then and only then should they accept who they are.

I don’t know about you, but enough is enough.

Yesterday, October 19th, was NOW’s National Love Your Body day. NOW stands for National Organization for Women, and is a foundation that encourages women to stand up for themselves, love their bodies, and speak their minds throughout life. NOW is sending a message to females all over the world that guess what? It’s okay to love your body.

There is this weird denotation attached with “loving yourself”, and to be frank, I think that is a bunch of crap. That is exactly one of the reasons why we feel bad about ourselves — because it’s “taboo” to actually love who you are.

Well, guess what?

Sorry I’m not sorry I love the muscles in my legs — they allow me to not only walk everywhere each and every day, but those muscles power me through long runs and workouts. Even though it’s a struggle for me to pull those skinny jeans over my calves, I know every run is worth it.

Sorry I’m not sorry I love my smile — “smiling is my favorite” and a simple smile just might brighten someone else’s day.

Sorry I’m not sorry I love my bulging biceps (not really, but we can pretend) — those muscles in my arms remind me I work hard at taking care of my body and staying fit.

Sorry I’m not sorry I love my hips — they might be big, and they might not have ever fit into size xx, but guess what? I’d rather have curves than not! And you know what they say — wider hips = easier childbirth! I’m all for that!

Sorry I’m not sorry I love my eyes — my eyes remind me of my mom and my brother whenever I look into the mirror and see a blue/gray/green combination staring back at me.

If the above makes me conceited or weird for loving who I am, then so be it. I would rather be comfortable in my own skin than thinking negative thoughts all the time. It’s difficult though, if you are your own personal “body basher”. I think thinking negative (or positive) thoughts about yourself is a learned behavior. If you have learned to think negative thoughts, guess what! You can re-teach yourself to think positive thoughts. I challenge you (and myself!) that the next time you find a way to bash your body to spin it into a positive thought instead. Think about all your body does for you on a daily basis the next time you try to tear it down.

Question: What do you love your body for?