Nutrisystem Failure Stories: It Didn’t Work for Me (w/video)

Nutrisystem Failure Stories: It Didn’t Work for Me (w/video)

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It’s no secret that Nutrisystem is one of the most popular diets in the world, and chances are that’s probably for a really good reason. It works…for most people.

While Nutrisystem works great for the majority of customers who commit to their diet program, there are few who don’t see the best results.

In fact, you could even say they’ve failed.

Now, let us be clear -we’d say Nutrisystem failure stories aren’t the norm. For the most part, customers who commit to Nutrisystem – that means, those who stick with and follow it correctly – should see amazing weight loss results. Even so, there are a few people who say they weren’t able to get good weight loss results from Nutrisystem, so we’re going to call these rare cases “Nutrisystem Failure Stories.”

Wondering who these outliers are? Let’s find out…

Nutrisystem Bad Reviews: Those Who Failed

We’ve done a fair amount of research on the Nutrisystem diet program, and we’d say most customers who commit to the program seem to find some level of success.

There are a few that don’t, however, and these are their stories:

Natalie found that Nutrisystem just didn’t work for her:

The first week I lost 4 & 2 lbs 2 weeks later. Since, then I haven’t been able to lose weight. And without being able to talk to and counselors like we’re supposed to have I find it ridiculous so I am going to be counseling my Nutrisystem with you guys and I will be going with someone else I’ve done this for two months and I’m not getting any answers to my questions. I still recommend other people given that it may work for them but it doesn’t work for me.

Gwynee seemed to have customer support issues…

I sold myself in this and I have been in it alone I have reached out to Counselors by email never to have anyone reach back out. I’ve had questions concerns I have emailed twice with no response back. I had merchandise that was melted because it was left in the sun I’ve tried to get either my money back or replacement on this items and I get no response back your whole times are ridiculous and at this point I’m looking into canceling

This customer lost a lot of wait…but wasn’t happy for some reason?

It has improved my health…I have lost 30 lbs. and you’re ve made me happy about that! I have 15 lbs left to be able to have knee replacement. I really care for the bars, that’s not breakfast or lunch to me. Also, the fee is very expensive, could you perhaps , charge for 2 weeks and receive 2 weeks of food?

This customer seems happy with their weight loss, but not the customer service?

I’ve been very pleased with Nutrisystem and have dealt with incredibly helpful agents… until now! In general, the food is terrific and the delivery nice and easy and reliable. But unfortunately, I had a terrible experience with an agent named Alexandra on June 1, 2020 / 9:30am. She was incredibly rude and impatient and ultimately, unhelpful. I asked if we could “de-escalate” the attitude and her tone actually ramped up under the guise of providing information. This agent does not represent Nutrisystem well at all! So, not only did I not receive help with a seemingly simple question, now, I’m annoyed – not what I would call, good customer service. Thank you!

Lost weight, but not enough?

Can’t get anyone to help me from the start. The website is a maze. I’ve only lost 5 lbs and that was the first week. I have bought 2 months worth of food that was $349 each month. There are suppose to be discounts but I never recieved any. Where are they?? I have eaten exactly like the instructions in the packaged food has said and no luck. I’ll try to call again today. I started March 8, 2020.

Can’t get enough bad reviews? There are 9,671 total reviews at the Nutrisystem website:

Read all of them here.

Nutrisystem Didn’t Work for Me, Failure Video

It’s one thing to read a bunch of Nutrisystem failure stories, but some folks want to hear from the failures themselves…

Scott couldn’t seem to find success with the Nutrisystem diet:


As is the case with anything, not everyone is going to find success with Nutrisystem. While the diet seems to work great for the majority of folks who try it, there are a few who couldn’t seem to find success.

Keep in mind, most of the complaints we found seemed to be less about results, and more about customer service or shipping issues.

As a Nutrisystem customer myself, I can tell you that I’ve never personally had an issue with Nutrisystem’s customer service or their shipping, but some folks can’t seem to avoid issues :). Maybe some of their failure stories are valid, but…just sayin’.

Either way, I am happy to recommend Nutrisystem, despite a few of the failures we’ve detailed above. If you’re considering the Nutrisystem diet, you can read more testimonials (good and bad) at their website:

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