Nutrisystem Cost: How Much per Day, Month & Meal: 2023

Nutrisystem Cost: How Much per Day, Month & Meal: 2023

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If you’ve been researching the Nutrisystem diet program, then you may be looking for information on how much it costs.

The cost of Nutrisystem is going to depend on which plan you choose, your gender, and if you opt for one of their plans for special diets, including Nutrisytem for Diabetics of their Vegetarian menu.

Here’s a quick pricing breakdown, based on the 4 main plans Nutrisystem currently offers:

Nutrisystem Cost: Current Plans and Pricing

Nutrisystem starts at $8.57 per day for women and $10.00 per day for men. This pencils out to be about $239.99 per month for women, and $279.99 for men. To secure these prices, customers will need to enroll in their auto-delivery service, otherwise expect to pay about 35% more per month.

These prices can be lower depending on Nutrisytem’s current promotions. Learn more below:


Basic is an easy-to-follow 4-week plan that includes a wide selection of ready-to-go meals and snacks that Nutrisystem will select for you. The menu currently includes 100+ foods to choose from. With their current BOGO promotion, Basic starts at $8.21 per day for women, and $9.64 for men. That pencils out to $229.99 per month for women, and $269.99 for men.

Uniquely Yours

Get everything in the Core plan, plus Uniquely Yours gives customers access to the Nutrisystem frozen food menu, and allows you to pick from more than 160 menu items. With their new Personal Plans program, they’ll also triple-match a menu and program for your specific body type, goals, and food preferences. Uniquely Yours starts at $10.00 a day for women and $11.43 for men. That comes out to be $279.99 per month for women and $319.99 for men.

Uniquely Yours Ultimate

Includes everything in Uniquely Yours and Core, plus enjoy an extra meal or snack provided by Nutrisystem each day. Ultimate starts at $12.14 a day for women and $13.57 for men. That equals $339.99 per month for women and $379.99 for men.


Their Vegetarian plan features more than 90 menu items to pick from. You can create your own monthly menu, or have the option of letting Nutrisystem pick it for you. The Vegetarian plan costs the same as the Uniquely Yours menu.


Nutrisystem D is their plan designed for those who are pre-diabetic or who have Type 2 diabetes. It’s important to consult with your doctor to determine if you’re healthy enough for a diet like Nutrisystem.

Their are currently 4 diabetic plans to pick from.

  • Basic-Diabetes works the same way as their traditional plan. That means Nutrisystem will select a menu for you based on their most popular menu items. The women’s plan costs $229.99 per month, while men can expect to pay $269.99.
  • Uniquely Yours-Diabetes has more than 160 menu items to pick from. You have the flexibility to build your own menu, or Nutrisystem can do it for you. It starts at $279.99 per month for women and $319.99 for men.
  • Uniquely Yours Ulitmate-Diabetes Includes everything in their first two plans, plus some extras. It starts at $339.99 per month for women, and $379.99 for men.

Check all Nutrisystem plans and prices below:

How Much Do Groceries Cost on Nutrisystem?

In addition to the costs we’ve outlined above, there are some other things you’ll want to factor in when determine the total cost of Nutrisystem.

You’ll want to budget in some extra money for fresh produce that can be eaten with your main meals each day.

Nutrisytem offers a flex meal each week as well, which can be a meal you make at home or one that you eat at a restaurant.

Other things to consider are how many of your meals and snacks that you want Nutrisystem to provide. If you want more control over what you’re eating each day, or don’t mind making some of your snacks, etc., then you may want to opt for their Basic plan.

If you want Nutrisystem to provide the majority of what you’ll be eating every day, then consider going for Uniquely Yours or Uniquely Yours Ultimate.

You’ll also need to decide if you like the idea of creating your own monthly menu, or if you’d prefer to have Nutrisystem do it. If you’re brand new to the diet, then we recommend letting them pick the menu for your first month. Then, once you have an idea about the type of meals and snacks you like, you can opt for creating your own menu.

Can You Buy Nutrisytem at WalMart?

Yes, Nutrisytem is for sale at Walmart, but that is not the place to buy their full home delivery program. Walmart sells Nutrisystem kits. They are typically used for a week worth of weight loss meals. These can be great if you just want to drop a couple of pounds over the course of a week.

The kits typically start at around $45 at Walmart, and can also be purchased at other retailers including Target, Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond and a few others.

You can also buy Nutrisystem alacarte menu items at Walmart and these other retailers as well.

The question is, though, should you buy Nutrisystem at Walmart? Yes, if you just have a pound or two to lose. If you want to lose more weight than that, then we’d recommend considering the full Nutrisystem home delivery program, as it’s the best one for maximum weight loss.

Nutrisystem also features the best deals and discounts at their website, so we suggest starting there first. You can connect with the official Nutrisystem website here.

How Much is Nutrisystem at Costco?

We see this question a lot, but it turns out Costco doesn’t actually sell Nutrisystem food. They have carried a Nutrisystem gift card in the past, that was one way to save some additional money, but at last check they weren’t currently selling the gift card.

That means the Nutrisystem website is still your best bet for their latest savings.


While it’s important to know the full cost of Nutrisystem, you may also want to ask yourself if you can afford not trying the program.

If you are in need of getting your weight and health back on track, then the price of Nutrisytem may very well be worth it.

They offer an easy-to-follow, done-for-you program that is great for people with busy schedule, or those who just want to take the guesswork out of healthy eating.

Learn more and check their full menu at the Nutrisystem website: