South Beach Diet Cost: How Much for Frozen Food Delivery?

South Beach Diet Cost: How Much for Frozen Food Delivery?

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Looking for the South Beach Diet Cost? When looking for the right diet to match your lifestyle, the costs involved are one of the important considerations.

Even when a meal-delivery diet replaces the majority of the food that you are currently spending money on, other expenses need to be taken into consideration, over and above your monthly fee.

Among the more popular of the meal-delivery diets would be the South Beach Diet (review). Similar to Nutrisystem (review), the South Beach Diet is extremely popular for busy people due to its convenience.

So you may be wondering what this diet will actually cost you? Keep reading to find out more about the total monthly, weekly and daily costs involved to find out whether this weight-loss program is something you can afford.

How Much Does South Beach Diet Cost?

When calculating the true cost of South Beach Diet’s meal delivery program, you’ll need to consider a couple of different pricing factors:

  1. South Beach Diet Meal + Snack Delivery
  2. Groceries
  3. Meals Out

Add these three things together, and you’ll get the total cost of the program each month. When you look at the numbers, we think you’ll find that their diet is actually very affordable.

The Cost of the Frozen Food Program: The South Beach Diet offers 3 plan levels, and the cost goes up for an increase in menu variety and as they add more snacks and shakes to your shipment.

The Cost of Supplemental Food Like Groceries and Meals Out: Even though the prepared meals that they deliver monthly make up the majority of your food, you will still need to purchase groceries along with planning numerous DIY meals every week. Keep in mind that eating out is going to cost a lot more than preparing meals at home.

So, to give you an idea on what you should be prepared to spend on the South Beach Diet, here is an overview of costs involved for the different plan options:

1. Meal Delivery Price

South Beach Diet is mainly focused around a monthly delivery which consists of their pre-portioned, pre-packaged meals.

There are 3 plan levels to choose from. The main difference is that you will pay more for an increase in menu variety, which includes frozen foods.

Here is a list of 3 plan options for the South Beach Diet along with daily and monthly costs, once their popular 50% off coupon is applied:

  • Silver Plan: $7.97/day, $223.07/month
  • Gold Plan: $9.07/day, $253.84/month
  • Platinum Plan: $9.89/day, $276.92/month

Pro Tip: If you want to bring the overall cost of South Beach Diet down, we recommend using their 50% off coupon for the biggest savings.

2. Cost for Groceries and Flex Meals

Even though most of the costs involved to follow the South Beach Diet are covered in your food delivery every month, there will be added expenses. Here is a list of 3 extra expenses that you need to take into consideration:


This diet requires you to supplement your meals with vegetables and fruit. I have estimated that the supplemental groceries will probably add $5 more to your daily food budget. (source)

DIY Meals or Restaurant Costs

Every week you are offered the flexibility to either prepare 2 of your own dinners, lunches, and breakfasts. You are able to prepare these meals from home or eat out.

The typical meals prepared from home will cost you about $4, while a standard restaurant meal will cost you about $13.

Optional Extras

When you are about to check-out, there is an option to add in extras. These include shakes (28 for $50), bars (10 for $20), and vitamins. These are not a necessity and will increase your total spend each month.

Total Cost per Month

When you start adding up the expenses mentioned above, your monthly expenses on the South Beach Diet is a lot more than what they advertise.

The estimate we have come up with for the total monthly costs for the South Beach Diet is (these numbers are approximate):

  • Women: $16/day, $120/week, $480/month
  • Men: $17/day, $130/week, $525/month

From these estimates, it becomes clear that following the South Beach Diet requires a substantial financial commitment every month. However, should this program work well for your weight-loss requirements, it is regarded as a worthwhile investment. So is there a way to get a better price?

How to Get the Best Deal

If you are looking to take advantage of the best prices, look further than just the homepage where you will be signing up. The best offer is their 50% off promotion. You are also able to stack the promo codes to take advantage of extra free-food:

Free food is often made available when using promo codes.

This is common with other weight loss and diet plans. If you are not sure about the South Beach Diet, make sure you check out the coupons we have for Nutrisystem, Noom, and Weight Watchers.

Why The Costs Involved For The South Beach Diet May Be Less Than You Think:

While it appears that the meal-delivery diets are pricey, the costs involved may be a lot less than you may think. This has to do with the South Beach Diet replacing the majority of the meals that you pay for currently, from restaurants and the grocery store.

In fact, many people are not even aware of the amount they spend on food every month, and just as many are shocked when they find out.

The app-based DIY diets such as Noom and Weight Watchers might look great, yet the price is deceptively low due to the fact that these diets won’t include your food.

This is why DIY diets can cost a lot more when compared to meal deliveries. They also require a lot of your time to prepare and portion your meals each week.

Comparing South Beach Diet Prices to Other Meal Delivery Diets

Most of the meal-delivery monthly diets cost around $10 to $12 a day, and the South Beach Diet falls into this price range. In actual fact, the South Beach Diet is within $1 a day of Nutrisystem. This is because commercial diets conduct extensive research to determine what their potential customers will pay.

It appears that the typical range is around $300 per month, which is around $150 less than the standard car payment, and around the same amount that most households spend every month to fuel their cars.

These monthly costs are expensive for many people, so you may be wondering whether there might be a more cost-effective method to follow this plan?

Are there More Affordable Ways To Follow The South Beach Diet?

If you are not prepared to commit to substantial monthly payments or you do not like the idea of prepared meals.

You can buy the popular South Beach Diet book for around $10, ideal for do-it-yourselfers.

This is the best option for people that like to cook and for those that like to know more about this way of eating before making such a substantial financial commitment.


We hope you now have a clearer idea about what it will cost you to follow the South Beach Diet. If you are interested in signing up, make sure you first talk to your physician.

If your doctor gives you the go-ahead, make sure you take advantage of the 50% off coupon to ensure you are getting the best monthly prices.